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Red Tape here, there, everywhere.

Currently embroiled in a never ending red tape saga with 2 governments of countries which we lived in. Singapore and Australia.

Australia & Singapore governments are very advanced- they all have social media accounts, they all have online services and systems for everything.
Singapore especially has a super efficient system accessed using Singpass. EVERYTHING is efficient. Except if there's a little incident that falls outside of their set processes, they can't handle it. They refer to their upper management, who refers it to their higher management, CC the email to everyone in the universe, ask for double confirmations on everything. It's almost as if the individual human capital working in the company is devoid of any human ability such as: intuition, judgment, flexibility etc.
Hong Kong is the same as the above EXCEPT they don't bother to even refer to their upper management or CC the email. They just tell you: CANNOT.

Australia, for the most part is excellent. …