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Singapore vs. Hong Kong.

A daily recurring theme is comparing HK vs Singapore in my mind about very fucking thing
And for 9 months, Singapore wins each time.
Preamble: Sorry if I come across sounding like every blind patriotic Singaporean fuck.

Everything is more efficient in Singapore. Everything works.
Everyone is more polite and friendly in Singapore.
People speak English in Singapore. Singapore is multicultural. Chinese, Malay & Indians. Plus fucking expats. HK is 80% Chinese. There is no international outlook for locals. No attempt at it at all. Except speaking to each other in broken Canto-English thinking that they are improving their English. On cable TV there are no fucking subtitles in English.

People in Singapore are happier than people in HK.

-Singaporeans have a government that is big on control, but they actually do good for the people. No subdivided homes in Singapore. If you dare to peep a protest, you would disappear. But everyone's prospering. Everyone's happy. Read this British expat's essay about Singapore.
-HK people are always protesting loudly against their joke of a puppet government. Nothing happens, yet the activists often disappear as well.

People in Singapore are wayyyy happier than people in HK.

-In 1965, tiny island of Singapore declares its independence from Malaysia. There was no resources, no land, nothing. People were poor, there was crime. A tiny island. BUT it had an intelligent, fearless leader with so much foresight like Lee Kuan Yew who got everything in order.

And Singapore today, is far ahead of Malaysia economically, socially and every other aspect that can be measured with parameters. (Sorry Malaysia. I was born in Malaysia but I owe Malaysia & love Malaysia enough to speak the truth.) Read all about it!↓

-In 1997, Hong Kong ceased to be a British Colony and was handed back to China.

-Some educated HKers say that this is when HK gained their independence. How? What? HK just became part of China again. That's not independence. So, these educated people who have a Canadian passport in their back pocket, (but are sick of getting nowhere in your careers in Vancouver, Canada, aka "the promised land") but are back in Hong Kong to earn $$$$$! Fully prepared to bail out anytime!

50% (dare I say even more) HK people: "HK is not China! We demand our own rights!" Says ALL  Occupy Central protests of 2011-2012, 2014's The Umbrella Movement, Youngspiration party's elected delegates for HK's Legislative Council flubbing their oaths for some attention to their cause etc.

Pretty desperate measures by HK's youth, its future.

50% (possibly much, much less) HK people: "HK and China can continue to prosper together! *whispers* "as long as we make money, we don't have to like you or anything. We can always bugger off to Vancouver anytime." Taiwan declared its independence from China. And it is surviving, despite China's immense power. BUT HKers say that HK is not China, but they just don't have the guts to go the route of declaring independence.

Unlike Singapore, HK have not welcomed foreign migrants and given them PR easily, HK has actually begrudged them a place in everyday HK life & relegated foreigners to the status of transient expats.

Rental is cheaper in Singapore.
Subdivided housing in Hong Kong.

Spaces are for humans, not hamsters. Greedy landlords rule in HK, taking advantage of the fact that rent is unaffordable to the average HKer.

There are no subdivided flats in Singapore because the government would crack down and hang you out to dry like pickled fish.
Singapore's landscape of HDB flats. One of LKY's
greatest legacies.

The Singaporean government created subsidised HDB flats for those who cannot afford the rent.
Life is good for everyone & no one complains.

The caliber of education is. Much, much higher in Singapore.

In what respect?
The National University of Singapore is ranked #1 in Asia in 2017, according to Times Higher Education.
Local Singaporean schools are better than local HK schools. English is better. Mandarin is better. Science, Technology and Mathematics are miles ahead.
International schools in Singapore are better than International schools in HK.
-No debentures. But higher school fees in Singapore.
-STEM is one year ahead of HK. Go on, my kids have been in both systems, I dare you to compare IF you have had the same experience.
-Facilities are bigger & better in Singapore, way bigger than any school in HK. New Territories included.
-My 5th Grader is sitting here doing probability after school in HK, which she had already done in 4th Grade in Singapore.
-Our international school is the most popular because it's known as a happy school with happy kids. It's also full of HKers who have "done their time" in The Promised Land and got their citizenship in their back pocket. But ya can't take the HKer out of them, and it's full Tiger Moms. At least in Singapore, the Tiger Moms are the Indian moms in International schools and Singaporean ones in the local schools.

Lately though, I am noticing a few positives about our new life in HK. 

Hear me out first: My kids have a Chinese surname, thanks to my husband. I have one too. I am xxxx 太 here in HK. Chinese people (not mainland China) are the majority in HK. We are also the elite Chinese who speak "native" level English that all HKers and Mainland Chinese aspire to. Those who can afford it are in Vancouver doing their time or have done their time, so they're back here- as the elite.

The expat circle in Singapore was a friendly, supportive bunch of women. Nicest people.
And there are nice expat women in HK as well, but it isn't as much of a community here. I suppose if we were to break it up into Sai Kung expats, Discovery Bay expats, Southside expats etc. then you get more of a community.

I totally love it when Expats in Singapore mistake me for a local, for certain reasons I do go incognito sometimes when it suits me. Heh heh.

Singapore is accepting way too many spoilt, entitled "serve me-NOW" expats working in Finance from a certain country I won't name, but it starts with an "I". Life can get as insufferable there as you think it is for us in HK with Mainland Chinese.


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