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Singapore vs. Hong Kong.

A daily recurring theme is comparing HK vs Singapore in my mind about very fucking thing
And for 9 months, Singapore wins each time.
Preamble: Sorry if I come across sounding like every blind patriotic Singaporean fuck.

Everything is more efficient in Singapore. Everything works.
Everyone is more polite and friendly in Singapore.
People speak English in Singapore. Singapore is multicultural. Chinese, Malay & Indians. Plus fucking expats. HK is 80% Chinese. There is no international outlook for locals. No attempt at it at all. Except speaking to each other in broken Canto-English thinking that they are improving their English. On cable TV there are no fucking subtitles in English.

People in Singapore are happier than people in HK.

-Singaporeans have a government that is big on control, but they actually do good for the people. No subdivided homes in Singapore. If you dare to peep a protest, you would disappear. But everyone's prospering. Everyone's happy. Read this British e…